How to Help

In-Kind Gifts
Corporations can donate problematic assets, such as excess inventory, to non-profit organizations. The assets can be anything from radio air time to equipment. The donations are then sold, resulting in a cash donation to SMF. This fund-raising strategy is a win-win solution for everyone involved. The donor receives a tax-deduction for the value of the gift and gets rid of problem inventory that is consting the company in storage, insurance, bad debt, etc. The non-profit receives a cash donation when the assets are sold. This program can reap enormous benefits for SMF, with donations of many sizes.

We can always use miles from various airlines to aid us in reaching the global communities. Please contact us to find out more.

There are many opportunities available, please contact us with a list of your skills or desired learning, and we will try to match you with a project. Some of the areas we need help in are: grantwriting, advisory board, technical and organizational, construction workers (male or female), marketing and promotion, and fundraising.

In-Kind Gift Wish List
Gardening Tools and Supplies for Permaculture Project
Office Supplies, Phone Cards and Paper
Office Equipment (Computers, Fax Machine, Scanner)
Monetary donations
Work truck
Utility trailor
Construction Equipment, Materials and/or Tools
eg. Power Tools, Water Pumps and Generators, Hand Tools, Lumber, Hardware, Fixtures, etc.

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