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The people of Pinon, Arizona live in a small remote area in the heart of the Dineh (Navaho) reservation. This area is stronghold of deeply held tradition. The community of Pinon operates under the auspices of The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). Local governing agents are elected officials cooperating with local, state, tribal and federal agencies. Since the lifting of the Bennett freeze, which prevented new development, as well as other issues, the people who live here are undergoing dramatic changes socially and economically. The existing problems of the indigenous people of this area are currently being compounded. The hard held traditional values have collided headlong with unprecedented growth and modernization. This has resulted in astronomical socio-economic problems.

What is needed are specific tools and programs for the people in the area to learn viable and creative ways to integrate the dramatic changes that are currently colliding with deeply held tradition. Sacred Mountains Foundation, Inc, as an officially recognized non profit organization by both the federal and tribal governments is in a position to directly aid these existing and compounding problems. Sacred Mountains Foundations theme of preserving ancient ways using modern tools would capitalize on the positive aspects of modernization and economic expansion, while preserving the rich cultural heritage of the Dineh traditions. With a sense of pride and dignity we open the doors to all our relations for peace and healing.

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