Dawn Star/Bison Centers

Sacred Mountains Foundation is currently seeking volunteers and funding to establish a permanent presence in Crestone, Colorado and in Pinon, Arizona. This will involve acquisition of land in Crestone and a business site lease to build structures in Pinon. The construction of these structures will be a hands-on educational program involving local native people and sustainable/low impact building methods. This will involve weaving traditional architecture, such as the Dineh Hogan, with strawbale and other techniques for which Crestone is internationally known. The demo proto-type Hogan will first be built in Crestone and then when the various methods are learned, a similar Center structure will be transferred to the Pinon site. The two projects will be in two locales with respective program. They are tentatively called The Bison Center/Building Indigenous Sustainable Opportunities for Nations in Crestone. In Pinon will be the Dawn Star Center to be built on a portion of our Sacred Mountains Sundance grounds. It will accommodate guests and volunteers throughout the year as well as provide an on site office facility for Sacred Mountains Foundation.

By having a permanent facility on the reservation and an outreach and learning center in Crestone will greatly aid in facilitating educational/multicultural events. These on-going events and gatherings are to promote self-growth and bridge the cultural and generational gaps. We wish to open the door to the global community to promote Unity and Peace, cultural diversity, and exchange of knowledge. Dineh survival is dependent on being in and of the world without compromising traditional values. We envision a traditional setting including a sustainable eco-village utilizing renewable resources and a comprehensive plan for alternative homes, permaculture, health and employment solutions.

Core staff activities and outreach are currently being conducted from Crestone. Many basic resources taken for granted in most areas are simply not available on reservations. Things as basic as water and electricity to internet access are examples. In addition, the knowledge and resources needed to provide education and training to staff in organization, business and building matters such as sustainability, exist in Crestone. A permanent facility at both sites will greatly speed the process of a transfer of experience and knowledge between cultures.


Preliminary steps began with students from Prescott College and a group of volunteers on a small-scale land reclamation and permaculture project near Pinon. The funding currently being pursued will allow us to expand the permaculture project with a local water source. This would allow for further community gardening and cottage industries for local residents such as medicinal plants and herbs.

Past projects having small but not insignificant success have involved the introduction of medicinal and holistic treatments from other cultures to the reservation. An example is the use of a South American Herbal supplement called Diabetina Colombina to treat diabetes, a disease which is rampant on reservations. Projects such as these and a few examples, of many more below, have all been funded by the small, private donations of individuals.

Sacred Mountains Foundation has obtained federally recognized non-profit and tax exempt status and remained a functioning organization for seven years without any major grants or contributions. This is a test many well-funded non profits have failed, the test of time. It is the strong spiritual and community ties found in tribal culture, as well as ancient traditional values, that make this possible. With a committed core staff having an extensive array of experience and through years of national and international travels, the contacts and resources are now in place to take the next step. The seeds are planted, the place shall be Crestone, Colorado and Pinon, Arizona, the time is now.


Summer 2003, planting native peach trees in Pinon.

Summer 2002, Corn Project with our Dineh youth in Pinon.

Fall 2002, Traditional Cooking with youth in Crestone, Colorado.

Community Outreach:

Summer 2001, World Peace & Prayer Day Teachings
by Dakota Elder Chris Leith from Minnesota in Pinon.

Summer 2003, Youth Peace Journey in Crestone, CO.

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