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  1. History
    1. Pinon
    2. SMF
    3. Crestone
    4. Dineh History
  2. People
    1. Pinon Community
    2. Native - Intertribal Community
    3. Global Network Community
  3. Projects - Sustainable
    1. Green building
    2. Permaculture
      1. Fruit Tree Project
      2. Corn Project
    3. Land Restoration
      1. Rain Catchment
    4. Community Projects
      1. World Peace & Prayer Day
      2. Youth Peace Journey
      3. Eco-Tours
  4. News
    1. Summer 2004
    2. Spring 2004
    3. Winter Newletter (2003)
    4. Youth News
    5. Elder News
  5. Links
  6. Contact Us
  7. How to Help
    1. send donation to SMF via mail or PayPal
  8. Navajo Trails
    1. Native owned & operated Tour Company

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